About Us

I initially stumbled upon “Beekeeping For All” by Abbé Émile Warré a french priest who invented the Warré or “peoples hive” this book inspired me and led me to top bar beehives.

My first hive in fact was a Kenyan style top bar hive. Designed by Phil Chandler the “barefoot beekeeper” a man well known in the world of top bar beekeeping. Hive finished, I luckily picked up a swarm, unceremoniously dumped them in the hive, and walked away to let them get on with it. I resisted the overwhelming temptation to have a sneak look a few days later. What happened next totally convinced me that this was the way forward with my beekeeping future. The girls had built four combs, perfectly aligned on the top bars and were busy on the fifth. A quick inspection revealed eggs in the beautiful pristine white comb. During the summer the bees expanded and finished the season on fourteen bars.

What inspired me to start this business?

Simple answer really, having looked at other manufactures products I decided that I could do much better for myself. I will not belittle others manufactures, prefering to let my own work do the talking. I take great personal pride in offering my customers a quality product, that not only looks good but will also last them for years.

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