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We are very happy to announce that our layens hives are now ready to order. The hives are built to order, so please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Please note, our hives are manufactured to the original 14 frame classic horizontal hive design as detailed on the Horizontal Hive website. At top bar beehives we believe in keeping things as per the design, with a few subtle tweaks that enhance the looks and useability of the hive. Layens hives are intended to be “treatment free” with minimal interventions, so we do not offer mesh floors or other adaptations that digress from the original design.

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Layens is the original horizontal hive with extra-deep frames. Invented in the 19th century by the famous French beekeeper Georges de Layens.

The walls of the hive are a minimum of 30mm/1¼ inch thick dependent on the manufacturing process. Each hive will consist of 14 foundationless frames, either wired or  comb guide, selectable at checkout. The roof  is covered in aluminium sheet, not flashing as used by some manufacturers providing extra durability in harsh conditions. Stainless steel screws and quality exterior wood glue are used in the construction process, nails are never used.

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Wired, Comb Guide

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Flat, Gabled

2 reviews for Layens Hive

  1. Caroline Crolla (verified owner)

    Andrew and his wife kindly delivered my newly built Layens hive. It is beautiful: high quality Canadian cedar wood, thick insulating wood body and lovely gabled roof. I was also very pleased with the well-made follower board and the raw linseed oiled finish. A delightful and unexpected surprise was that Andrew provided me with a sturdy stand for the Layens. I am looking forward to hiving a next available swarm in this hive. I think they will flourish naturally in this deep space.

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you, my pleasure.

  2. Jason Morris (verified owner)

    My second Layens hive with a gabled roof was delivered in person by Andrew and his wife. Just as the first hive the quality of the beautiful hive l received was of the same high standard as my original hive purchase. I believe that the hives Andrew makes are unique and really an artisan product. The bees apparently appreciate the hives too, as the swarm that populated my first Layens hive has done outstandingly well and are surviving and thriving in the beautiful hive that is now there home. My first harvest of real Layens honey was extracted last November in my 9 frame Legar extractor. The woodgrain of the cedar is very pretty and the smell of the hive when I am opening up the lid on an inspection day is wonderful. I am proud to own two works of art that will bring me much pleasure and happiness when tending my bees for very many years to come.

    • AndrewVidler

      Hi Jason
      Thank you for the review and your kind words

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