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Our Horizontal Top Bar hives are now made from premium quality Canadian Western Red Cedar. All major joints are glued and screwed with stainless steel wood screws, nails or staples are not used anywhere in the construction.

The hive walls are a minimum of 30 mm thick, dependent on the manufacturing process. Each plank is machined from 33 mm thick Cedar to ensure that it is totally flat and warp free.

Western Red Cedar will last untreated for up to 25 years, and will turn a lovely slate grey colour over time. As most things in life, “if you look after it, it will look after you”

We recommend a couple of coats of raw linseed oil, (Not Boiled) preferably yearly. This will enhance the grain patterns in the wood and increase its durability.

The standard hive comes complete with 26 top bars with wedge shape comb guides. Two Follower boards, solid floor, Simple feeder bar, and gabled roof with aluminium ridge protection. The roof is sheeted with two planks of the same Canadian Cedar, this makes for a visually stunning looking hive.

Four 75mm x 50mm pine pressure treated legs are also standard. If you wish to fit your own legs, or do not require them, then please let us know and we can adjust the price accordingly.

The legs are secured in place with 8 stainless steel coach bolts, wing nuts and washers. The legs will require fixing to the hive body after delivery.

A Stainless Steel Varroa mesh floor with full length pull out inspection tray, perspex inspection windows and ECO floor are available as optional extras.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 1100 × 500 × 600 mm
Floor Options

Solid, Varroa Mesh, ECO

Viewing Windows

None, One, Two

15 reviews for Horizontal Top Bar Beehive

  1. Lynda (verified owner)

    Really pleased with my top bar hive, well made and in my opinion the quality of the build is excellent . This is my first hive and Andrew has been very helpful and is also very knowledge about keeping bees in these hives. I would definitely recommend buying without any hesitation.

  2. Christophe

    Excellent craftmanship! Will buy again without hesitation!

  3. Christophe Gaspard (verified owner)

    An excellent work by Andrew. This top bar hive is truly unique. We chose the version with observation windows and the quality of the job is impressive! We already ordered another one for our apiaries .

    Raw Mellifera Ltd

  4. Stephen Brookman (verified owner)

    Brilliant hive.
    I am new to beekeeping but did know what I wanted to achieve.
    I have been thinking about beekeeping for a few years. I wanted to become involved in a style of beekeeping that felt right for me. Whilst researching I became more aware of top bar hives, natural beekeeping and the less invasive style of beekeeping already practiced by some people.
    I watched a lot videos, read several books and have been on a basic course. I built an image in my head of the type of beehive I wanted to nurture. Something warm, solid and as sympathetic to bees natural behaviour as possible. I chose the top bar hive from this company because it felt as though it had been designed by someone who cared for my needs and the needs of the bees in equal measure.
    I have now received and set my hive up. Unfortunately, due to Covid I may have to wait for it to self populate or get a swarm from another keeper when possible. OK it is a little more expensive than other hives I have looked at but the quality of the materials and the build is exceptional. Really precisely made, thick insulating high quality wood used throughout. Some thoughtful design touches which meet with all of the good advise I’ve collected during my research. 38mm bars for comb space, 25mm walls for warmth, 43 inch length for plenty of expansion, eco tray, bee entrance on the side wall towards the end of the hive with swivel devise to narrow or widen entrance, hinged lid away from the entrance so that when working you are not stood across the entrance, chain to hold lid from swinging open, working surface at waist height for comfort. I didn’t go for a viewing window.
    The help and advise on the web site is spot on. The conversation by e mail during build was really supportive and helpful. On delivery Andrew took a personal interest in helping me make the right first steps in setting up. He also helped me over come some covid delivery difficulties.
    The whole product and service was exceptional. Thank you. Would thoroughly recommend.

    • AndrewVidler

      Hi Stephen

      Thank you for your kind words,I am really pleased you are happy with the hive.

  5. Kerstin Langdon (verified owner)

    Thank you, Andrew and Lorraine, for delivering my hive today.
    Very pleased with it and your advice to a newbie.
    The quality of the craftsmanship is superb, it will last a long time.
    Throughout the build process, I received pictures of the progress made each day. Thank you Phil Chandler for recommending you.
    I just need to make it bee attractive tomorrow when we are placing it in its position. Looking forward to hosting happy bees.

    • AndrewVidler

      Hi Kerstin

      My pleasure.

  6. Colin Bennett (verified owner)

    I was very interested to learn more about Top Bar Hives, so I did some reading first and studied various website throughout the UK.
    When I came across this website, I was very impressed with the contents and contacted Andrew with some clarification questions re wood used and sizes etc.
    When placing the order, Andrew was very efficient in answering my questions and being realistic about the lead time to build and deliver. The quality is outstanding and the hive meets all my expectations and more, as the high level technical specification was spot on!
    The lead time, price and ease of assembly all 5 star.
    Thanks you Andrew,
    Colin and Alice Bennett

  7. raymond rees (verified owner)

    Did some reading of various hive types and chose top bar type as has the least requirement for any additional artificial aids and more reflects a natural hive activity.
    Andrews impressive website images and reviews prompted a purchase of my hive.
    Communication throughout and lead time expectation was spot on. Personnal delivery and much advice from Andrew was apreciated.
    I opted for the added eco box but no window hive version and am impressed with both the quality of materials used and the exceptional hive construction.
    Very pleased,

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you for choosing us for your Top Bar Hive and your kind words Andrew

  8. oliver howe (verified owner)

    I wanted to leave it a few months to be able to review the Top Bar Hive having had some experience of it. This is my first Top Bar hive having had a couple years experience with WBC’s and Nationals. I can now confirm with confidence that the I love it and more importantly so do the Bees !!
    I placed my order May 2020 and it was delivered by Andy exactly when he said about 4-5 weeks later. I went for the delivery option as I wanted the confidence of having that handover and the chance to ask questions. Andy was really good, answered all my questions and invited me to the Facebook group which has been really useful to read.
    The Hive itself is really nice bit of kit, obviously very well made and a lovely bit of woodwork that you could almost keep just to look at let alone put Bees in it.
    I went for a Top Bar hive with Eco Floor as I liked the concept but I was a little unsure at first but simply gathered some material from my local woods. Actually it was really easy and makes sense once you think about it.
    I put a small cast swarm in there that I had collected a week or so earlier that had been temporarily held in a National. They had built out three frames which I simply cut the bottom wooden bar with garden loppers and cut the foundation to a top bar shape with an old knife.Having transferred the 3 frames to the Top Bar, I feed them some sugar syrup from an old soya milk container (a trick learned on Phil Chandlers YouTube channel) just for the first couple of days to give them some support. The Bees have positively thrived in the hive building out their own comb. Their numbers have swelled impressively and they all look very healthy.
    Managing Bees in this hive is so much easier than the WBC’s and Nationals and just intuitively feels more natural for the Bees.
    I cannot recommend Andy’s Top Bar Hives highly enough, lovely bit of kit, I have been so impressed and very happy with my purchase.

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you 🐝

  9. dlthomas472 (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 Top Bar Hives from Andrew and both the workmanship and service has been first class. The attention to detail and use of quality materials ensures that the hives were of the highest quality.
    I am extremely impressed with both hives and would not hesitate in recommending the product.

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you

  10. Victoria Ralph (verified owner)

    Wow! The workmanship and beauty of the top bar hive Andrew has made is outstanding. Superb quality and excellent customer service. Andrew delivered the hive on time and installed it then spent time imparting his wisdom to give us the best chance of success. We will definitely be buying another in the future. Thank you

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you, my pleasure.

  11. Celia Parkyn (verified owner)

    Andy delivered my horizontal top bar hive yesterday. It’s really well made, with 3cm-thick cedar. The top bars have a knick in them along one side so it is really easy to align correctly when replacing a bar (definitely will helpful when comb is attached). The hinged roof is much more convenient than having to lift the roof complete clear, as I have to do with my other top-bar hive (not made by Andy). Andy had set it up ready to bait a swarm. It was really good to have a chat about bees. I ordered the verroa mesh floor, which is really well-designed, and has a springed clip to keep it in place, and can be slid out for easy inspection without disturbing the bees (once some have moved in!). Thank you Andy, we are really pleased with the hive. It’s going to be a pleasure to have in the garden. It looks like it will last the next 40 years, with occasional coats of linseed. Worth every penny.

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you, you are very welcome.

  12. Rhiannon Evans (verified owner)

    Andrew and Lorraine delivered my Top Bar Hive on Saturday and set it up for me. Their advice and Bee chat was greatly appreciated as this is my first hive… I’ve set it up as a Bait Hive in anticipation … possibly rather over enthusiastic as it’s still March but Hey!
    The Hive is lovely and looks wonderful from a distance and close too. The workmanship is great and the Customer Service second to none.
    The Hive is cedar too so a beautiful colour as well as long-lasting . I’m so pleased I ordered this Hive. Thanks
    Rhiannon Evans

  13. Pierre Rawlins – Duquemin (verified owner)

    I picked up my horizontal hive from Andrew and Lorraine on Easter Sunday with my daughter. I decided to put air dried oak legs on the hive as we use a lot of oak at my work.
    I was delighted by the quality of build of the hive and it looks magnificent in my apiary surrounded by my existing Warré hives.
    I have never kept bees in anything else than top bar hives and rarely take honey from them.
    Andrew really gets the bee friendly approach to beekeeping and is very knowledgeable.
    Dealing with him was an absolute pleasure and I really can’t fault the hive he made for me.
    I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality top bar hive.
    My daughter is trying to persuade me to buy another one next season!
    I probably will!
    Thanks again Andrew

    • AndrewVidler

      My pleasure, thank you

  14. Miss Julia Norman (verified owner)

    I am truly delighted with the top bar hive that Andrew made and kindly set up for me. It is beautifully made, very sturdy with good thick walls and a solid, hinged roof. I opted for the eco floor which I hoped would help make the hive feel more ‘natural’ for the bees, and indeed the swarm I was lucky enough to acquire settled in immediately and with great enthusiasm – they are building comb apace and are extremely active. I feel confident that this hive will provide a safe and warm environment for them, and am so grateful to Andrew for his craftsmanship and his excellent advice and support. I would happily recommend Andrew’s hives to anyone wishing to embark on top bar hive bee keeping.

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you, my pleasure 🐝

  15. Julie Paine (verified owner)

    I am very very pleased with my top bar hive. As others have said the workmanship is great. I took delivery of it (love the personal touch) in early March but I have waited before writing a review as I wanted to see what the bees thought of it. I got a small nuc from a friend who lives in the area from one of his framed hives so we had to chop the comb and attach it to the bars. This was not as difficult as I’d feared and the bees have now been there for two months and seem very content. So it’s 5 stars from all of us! And thank you also for all your work on the FB group – that must take up quite a lot of time!

    • AndrewVidler

      Thank you 🐝

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