Layens Hive

Layens is the original horizontal hive with extra-deep frames. Invented in the 19th century by the famous French beekeeper Georges de Layens.

The Layens hive is ideal for successful overwintering and rapid spring colony buildup even in very cold climates.

Our layens hives are manufactured from premium quality Canadian Red Cedar. Cedar will not rot, however a few coats of raw Linseed oil, helps to nourish the wood and maintain its beauty.

Our layens hives come complete with 14 foundationless frames and  an aluminium covered roof. We use 1mm aluminium sheet, not flashing as some manufacturers, the sheet is secured with stainless steel screws and caps. You can choose from two frame types at the order stage, either wired or comb guide. The wired version has a stainless steel wire, threaded through brass ferrules, this wire helps to support the natural comb should you use an extractor. The comb guide version has a groove in the top bar, to accept either a starter strip of foundation, or wooden comb guide. The wooden guides are supplied as standard and will require a spot of glue to secure in place if you decide to use them.

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Showing all 2 results