Nucleus of bees

Top bar beehives have teamed up with a local company to provide nucleus of bees specifically for top bar beehives.

The bees will be supplied with 5 combs of bees, three of brood in all stages and two of stores, and a mated and marked queen. A purpose built nucleus box will be provided as part of the order, to keep for further personal use, or the option of being returned.

Please note: The top bars and nucleus dimensions are based on the plans from Phil Chandler @ so please check your own top bar dimensions before ordering.

The supplier is offering the option for bespoke nucleus production. We believe we are the only company offering this service to top bar beekeepers. Given that there are no standard dimensions for top bar hives, this in the past has been a barrier to the acquisition of bees for top bar beekeepers. You will of course have to provide accurate detailed measurements of your hive in order for the correct nucleus hive to be built.

Please contact raw mellifera and Honey products for further details.

Andrew Vidler Owner and Founder of Top Bar Beehives.