Top Bar Hive with Inspection Windows

Bespoke Fitting & Top Bar Customisation.

We offer our customers a Bespoke Fitting & Top Bar Customisation Service.

It is important that the working height is individually tailored to suit our customers. To achieve this, we simply ask our customers to provide a hip to ground measurement. We can then simply adjust the lengths of the legs to suit.

Not all top bar hives have the same internal dimensions. Our Bespoke Fitting & top bar customisation service, allows you to customise your top bars to suit your own design. If your hive is designed to take top bars, shorter or longer than our standard 17 Inch, then its no problem. Tell us your dimensions, and we can manufacture your bars accordingly.

Our Horizontal top bars have a triangle shaped comb guide as standard. If you would prefer a different design, or the facility to add a starter strip of foundation, or a wax bead, then let us know.

Our Warré top bars can be supplied as original, or with a groove to accept foundation or wax.

Follower boards are possible, however we would require the exact internal dimensions to ensure the board is the correct fit for your style of hive.

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