At top bar beehives we manufacture premium quality Horizontal top bar, Warré and Layens hives, from Canadian Red Cedar, that’s what we do, and we are very good at it.

I started Top Bar Beehives when I saw the poor quality of products available for purchase on-line. Having already made several top bar hives for my own apiaries; I realised there was a gap in the market for a quality product.

My first hives were built using Douglas fir, this proved to be very unstable. Secondly I chose English cedar, more stable than douglas fir, however contains many knots and other imperfections. English cedar also resulted in a high percentage of waste due to the knots. We now only use premium quality Canadian red cedar, slower grown and virtually knot and imperfection free. This results in a visually stunning looking hive.

Each hive is custom built to order in our workshop in rural Wiltshire. We pride ourselves on building and delivering a product that not only looks great, but will last for many years. One of my recent customers referred to their hive as a piece of garden architecture, high praise in itself.

There are other manufactures out there, however we firmly believe we are the best at what we do. So if you are serious about keeping bees in a top bar hive, then give them and yourself the best, choose us and you won’t be disappointed.

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