With a horizontal top bar beehive, beekeepers don’t have to lift heavy boxes, purchase an expensive honey extractor, use foundation full of chemicals, or agitate the bees as much as box-style hives when managing the colony. Traditional honey supers and deeps can weigh upwards of 20 Kg each, which takes its toll on the body of the beekeeper. The heaviest comb you’ll need to lift with this style is a single 3-7 pound, honey-laden top bar. They do not require honey supers, extra frames, foundation, uncapping knives, extractors or other expensive tools; they can be incredibly easy to manage by intrepid beekeepers.

The top bar hive is the oldest and most commonly used hive style in the world. It features individual bars laid across the top of the hive cavity. The bees build their comb down from these bars naturally, without the use of a 4 sided frame or foundation.

The top bars we supply have a wedge shape comb guide as standard, this has proven to be the optimal shape to encourage straight comb building and reduce cross combing.

Our hives are made to order and require a non-refundable deposit of £50 the outstanding balance is to be paid before collection or shipping.


No heavy lifting, crouching or bending is required for hive inspections

Combs are easy to remove

Simple honey harvest

Quick inspections

Bees are more docile during inspections since you are only opening a small portion of the hive at a time .

Product Images
Horizontal Top Bar Hive
Top Bar Hive
Horizontal Top Bar Hive with Optional ECO Floor
Top Bar Hive
Closed Roof
Entrance Discs
Rotating Entrance Discs
Hinged Roof
Stainless Steel Roof Hinges & Leg Securing Bolts.
Fondant Feeder
Fondant or Syrup Feeder Bar
Top bars
Top Bars With Wedge Comb Guide
Roof Construction
Roof Construction Detail.
Aluminium Ridge Cover
Aluminium Ridge Cover.
ECO Floor
Optional ECO Floor with Spring Securing Clamps.
Packed and ready to go.
Warre Hive
Warré Hive
Top Bars
Top Bars and Hessian Cover cloth
Quilt Box
Warré Quilt Box
Aluminium Roof
Optional Aluminium Roof Covering
Warre Open Mesh Floor
Optional Warré Mesh Floor

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